The War for Faerun

The Meeting

In the forest of Cormanthor the conquering of Rain Moonspeaker’s lifelong shifter tribe, by a massive unknown force, led her to form an unlikely duo with Asteron Wildblood, a mysterious soft spoken minotaur, who had traveled a long hard path from the southeast. On the run from the shapeless enemy who took root in the forest, the companions fled the forsaken shelter of the forest heading southwest towards the Thunder Peaks. After traveling some odd days without a halt the pair entered the long winding caverns beneath the mountain forged many centuries by the dwarves who reside all throughout the range, far from the suns reach.

Asteron and Rain traveled through the passes for days before stumbling upon the fringes of the dwarven society who call the massive length of halls and dungeons beneath the mountain their home. Ignorant and xenophobic, the dwarves immediately captured the two and threw them in prison for nothing but racial differences.

Trapped in the strong dwarven stronghold Asteron and Rain were completely at the mercy of the dwarves with no apparent hope for escape from the terrible prison. For months the two struggled to survive under the worst conditions imaginable and saw prisoner after prisoner come and perish for lack of fortitude and constitution, but they remained strong and somehow hopeful. Months continued to pass until one day a halfling prisoner was tossed into their cell who small stature was not reflected in his strong spirit that outshone the past inmates whose being seemed to fade quickly after being imprisoned. The halfling explained that he was a bard called Little Wing and night after night filled the prison was many tales of valor and cunning that lifted the spirits of the inmates and led to somewhat of an unlikely bond between the three prisoners. With Little Wing carrying most of the conversation the three inmates continued to survive in the prison cell as the time slipped slowly on with seemingly no relativity.

Consumed with an ever deepening desire to break free of the long secluded cities beneath the Thunder Peaks where he was born and called his home for the entirety of his life, Maedrack Cinderfal, a dwarven invoker, began to seek an similarly deepening refuge in his religious beliefs. His god, Erathis, taught that it was important to constantly seek new ideas, new inventions, new lands to inhabit, and new wildernesses to conquer. Beyond those teaching was the core belief that one must strive to defend the light of civilization against any encroaching darkness. Maedrack began to resent his kin and their determination to seemingly forever reside in the cavernous dwelling that he called his home for so long and dreamed of venturing into the world to better carry out his gods will and mission. One day while wandering the many long and winding passageways on the outskirts of his city Maedrack stumbled upon a secluded prison complex. From a distance he heard a voice being carried through the halls speaking of a glorious battle of a far away time and was instantly intrigued. He followed the voice to a single cell containing three unlikely prisoners. He looked into the cell to see a minotaur, a shifter, and a halfling strewn about the cell. As he locked eyes with the fearsome minotaur he was instantly sent a vision from his god that made his eyes roll back into his head and his body collapse to the floor.



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